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Trees are synonymous with life and in monkey park we have many and not just any of them, we have the most emblematic ones for Costa Rica, trees that are in danger of extinction, and they keep the most spectacular flora and fauna, like the big –tree of life– that is the more important for the green macaw, that’s why it has priority in our reforestation project.

These and more trees called centenarians by their ages will accompany you in the journey of about 2.5 kilometers in a dream forest, nests of ants such as zompopas; bullet ant, birds and mammals will be part of your experience in this tour.

Of course the enveloping flora that captures almost 80% of the sunlight, you will no longer see the flora as something simple, now you will be wiser and aware of what it keeps for us.

Additional we add one of our biggest attractions, THE SENSORY GARDEN, felt, observed, and smells at the most stimulating levels of your body, we all have sensory preferences, discover yours MONKEY PARK style

Rate: $25 self guided / $39 guided

Just for 10$ you can add the best typical lunch

Schedule: every day from 8 am to 4 pm (self guided)
Guided 8 am, 11 am and 2 pm
All ages are allow
Duration and distance about 2 hours in a trail of 2,5 kilometers approximately

Included in tour:

Entrance fee
Typical snack of Costa Rica , at the end of tour
Self guided with QR codes
The best experience!

What to bring:
Closed shoes (open shoes are not allow )
Comfortable light clothing
Extra water
A lot of energy

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