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HORMIGA ZOMPOPA (Atta cephalotes)

Leave cutter ants are incredibly interesting since they have a true social organization led by the queen ant and are

MONO CARABLANCA (Cebus capucinos)

Estos monos en su mayor parte son de color negro con un contrastante pelaje crema amarillento sobre la cabeza, pecho

RANA DE OJOS ROJOS (Agalychnis callidryas)

Is one of the most beautiful frogs of the world, they are nocturnal and move over the leaves of the

TERMITAS (Nasutitermes)

Termites are one of the most important insects in the tropical forest, even when they are small insects, they have


The Blue Jeans frog is a common amphibian in Costa Rica that can get 1 inch, are diurnal and toxic.

ÁRBOL DE GAVILAN (Pentaclethra macroloba)

The gavilan is a beautiful tree  that can get 40 meters tall  and develop a wide and strong trunk of

MONO AULLADOR (Alouatta palliata)

This specie is herbivore located in Central and South America, are diurnal and have a few social activity they live

ÁRBOL DE CHILAMATE (Ficus insipida)

The Chilamate tree is a ficus and is one of the a few one that grows like a normal tree,

ÁRBOL DE GUAYABON O SURÁ (Termalia oblonga)

The Guayabon tree can get 40 meters tall and develop a straight trunk of 1 meter of diameter, covered by

ÁRBOL INDIO DESNUDO (Bursera simaruba)

The indio desnudo can get 20 meters tall and develop a wide trunk. Is an amazing tree that has exfoliation

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