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ÁRBOL ALMENDRO DE MONTAÑA (Dipterix panamesis)

The almendro amarillo is a native specie from low land forest, it can get 60 meters tall and 2 meters

ÁRBOL DE CEDRO (Cedrela odoratra)

The cedro is an amazing tree that can get 45 meters tall and is pollinated by the moths. The cortex

MARIOLA (Tetragonisca melipona)

The Mariola is a primitive bee, it does not have sting, they are indicator of health forest. The yellow part

ÁRBOL DE OJOCHE (Brosimun alicastrum)

Is very tall tree that can get 25 – 40 meters and develop a strong trunk of 150 cm of

CAOBILLA (Carapa guianensis)

Caobilla is a very important tree because of the wood, for all Central America and part of South America. It

SUITA (Geonoma congesta)

Suita (geonoma) what means in latin “hands to land” it is too important for the native people in Costa Rica

ÁRBOL DE TAMARINDO (Dialium guianense)

This is a specie in danger, considered one of the hardest wood. that´s why it was used for some constructions

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